Benjamin J. Doyle


About Me

I'm a graduate student of English at Northeastern University.

I am also the project manager for The TEI Archiving, Publishing, and Access Service (TAPAS) and the developer for the Early Caribbean Digital Archive (ECDA)

Research Areas

Early Atlantic World Literatures, Political Philosophy, Human Rights, Book History, Digital Humanities, Ethics

My research focuses primarily on early Atlantic world literatures, Political Philosophy, human rights, and the digital humanities. My work engages as well topics of print technologies, history of the book, and the "embodied textuality" of writing communities (or, communities in-formed by collaborative, networked practices of writing). I also have a particular interest in philosophies of ethics and the political history of rights, revolution, and social protest. The current title of my dissertation is, An Account of UnCommon Suffering: early Atlantic World Literatures and the Extra-National Subject of Universal Human Rights (1640-1857)


(ecda) info.ecdaproject@gmail.com

(tapas) info@tapasproject.org